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Market stats for Feb. 2020

10 March 2020

The Toronto Regional Real Estate Board MLS reported 7,256 sales for February 2020, representing over a 45% increase from the same month last year, the biggest year over year increase in the past decade. Also up were February’s new listings at 10,613, almost 8% higher year over year. In stark contrast to the positive numbers, February’s active listings at 8,816 were down by 33.5% compared to 2019 – the biggest year over year monthly decrease of the decade.  

As shown in this 10 year summary of TRREB activity, February 2020 sales have recovered to 95% of February 2016 levels. However, February 2016 saw activation of 6% more new listings than this February, in a year that ultimately saw 85,731 total transactions. Of even greater significance, February 2016 saw 24% more active listings versus this February overall, yet TRREB's forecast for 2020 is for 97,000 transactions or 13% more than occurred in 2016. All this points to increasing pressure to win insufficient product in an environment where buyers are returning post OSFI stress test adjustments, and a return to record low interest rates on the heels of last week's Bank of Canada announcement.

Toronto Real Estate Board Market Stats for January 2020

07 February 2020

The power of supply and demand was the driver of the GTA real estate market in the first month of the new decade, steering sales stats into positive double digits. The Toronto Regional Real Estate Board MLS reported 4,581 sales for January 2020, which represents a greater than 15% increase over the same period last year and the 10th consecutive month of gains in sales numbers. The average selling price for January 2020 was $839,363 – more than 12% higher than a year ago. While both sales and price growth were above pre stress test levels, January’s active listings were down 35% from last year and were at the lowest level since January 2017, suggesting that the regulation’s impact was temporary and that until supply scarcity is solved, prices will continue to climb.

December 2019 Market Stats

07 January 2020
While GTA buyers were stress-test-adjusted and benefiting from lower interest rates, the December 2019 real estate market heavily favoured sellers. The Toronto Real Estate Board MLS has reported a near 12 per cent increase in the average selling price of a GTA home over the previous year - $837,788 in December 2019 compared to $749,014 in December 2018. This remarkable price acceleration points directly to historic lows of available active listings that, in December 2019, were down by over 35 per cent, which is equal to 4,000 fewer active listings than in 2018. Despite the inventory challenge intensifying, transactions in Canada’s largest real estate market for all of 2019 increased by 12.6 per cent year over year, finishing out at 87,825.

Market Stats For November 2019

04 December 2019


The Toronto Real Estate Board MLS reported an average selling price of $843,637 this November, up 7 per cent from last year. The increase in prices, largely led by the condominium segment, is the second biggest in history for the month of November, with only the November 2016 benchmark showing greater gains. The 7,090 sales reported for November is a jump of 14.2 per cent over last year. However, according to an analysis by Better Dwelling, even with the big jump, November 2019 sales were still 3.85 per cent below the 5-year median volume for the month. This highlights the continued problem of low inventory. New listings in November were down by 17.9 per cent from last year and active listings were down by 27.2 per cent. Fewer listings combined with higher sales sent total inventory to historic lows for this month.